Annual Flower Baskets Initiative

Every spring, a cooperative effort between the City of Melrose, the Melrose Chamber of Commerce, the Melrose business and civic communities, and individual Melrose residents brings beautiful hanging geraniums in baskets to adorn the Victorian lamp posts on Main Street, West Wyoming Street, West Emerson Street, Franklin Street and Essex Street.

These plants have become symbols of the vibrancy of our city and are lasting reminders of the continued generosity of and commitment from our business community, civic and community leaders and also residents. Additionally, thanks to the careful maintenance from the City of Melrose, the hanging baskets enhance the business districts from the spring until late fall.

We hope you will consider donating to this initiative so that Main Street, Cedar Park, West Wyoming Street, the Highlands and Essex Street can bloom all summer long and into the fall. A contribution of $75 will purchase one basket, but you can sponsor as many baskets as you wish. All gifts make a difference to the landscape of Melrose and to our thriving neighborhood business districts.

If you can contribute to this growing tradition, please make a check payable to the City of Melrose/Flower Baskets and mail it to Joan Cassidy, 61 Clifton Park, Melrose, MA, 02176. Please mail your gift no later than May 22nd so our business districts will be ready for our city’s spring and summer celebrations. For additional information contact the Melrose Chamber of Commerce at or 781-665-3033.